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About Us


Safe Space Ingenuity, Inc. (SSI) was incorporated in 2012.  Over the past three years SSI has grown to achieve a reputation as one of the most qualified, floor safety consulting firms in the New York City Metropolitan area.  Being a pioneer in this industry is one of our greatest assets.  

SSI offers a wide range of floor safety management services, from in-field Coefficient of Friction testing to risk management consulting.  SSI is dedicated to educating our clients about newly released industry standards and to helping enforce those standards to reduce the potential for a slip and fall.  Along with our sterling reputation and valued employees, SSI holds a position on various standards development committees for the industry. 

Our business model is threefold:  third-party auditing; consulting and monitoring; and leasing our software.  Our professional staff is trained to diagnose the diverse challenges of each project, and our advanced patented software sets us apart from our competition.  We are proud to provide a hands-on approach at every level.  We believe that this is a necessity in an industry that is developing so rapidly.

SSI is committed to providing valuable service to our clients.  Our experience in each phase of floor safety management is unparalleled in the industry.  As third-party auditors, we provide new floor installation testing, maintenance testing, and remediation follow-up testing.  As consultants, we provide carefully thought out, well planned testing and monitoring guidelines for our clients.  Our software enables us to organize the auditing and monitoring process for our clients; to translate real time data through secure cloud servers; and to use this data as scientific evidence in a court of law.



"For the past 2.5 years CNA has worked with Safe Space Ingenuity, Inc on identifying and preventing slips and falls. Safe Space offers an effective analysis approach using the BOT (Binary Output Tribometry) results with their customized software to organize the walkway analysis, translating real time data through secure cloud servers."

Sharon A. Falkenburg

CNA Insurance

"As General Manager for Brookfield Properties, I maintain a high regard for the safety of our tenants.  In an effort to reduce the risk of slip & fall accidents, I have contracted Safe Space Ingenuity to slip-test our marble flooring and staircase.  Safe Space Ingenuity provides professional slip testing according to the latest standards and sends detailed reports of their findings."

James J. Morrissey

Brookfield Property Partners 

"As a class A maintenance company, proper care of specialty flooring has always been one of our top priorities.  From the implementation of our first contract with SSI, the organization has become a reliable resource and enhanced the services we provide to our clients.  We have added slip differential testing to the maintenance contracts of several prestigious buildings we service."

James C. Halpin

Platinum Maintenance Services Corp

"When I needed COF testing for my clients, I contacted Patricia and her team at Safe Space Ingenuity.  I only work with premier buildings so I needed efficient, professional auditors.  Safe Space Ingenuity makes every effort to work around my schedule, and their staff is responsible and through.  I am very satisfied with the services they provide."

Frank Realmuto

Prestige Restoration & Maintenance LLC

"From time to time, clients ask for professional floor testing to measure the slip coefficient of the stone floors we maintain. We turn to certified testing companies such as Safe Space Ingenuity, Inc. to provide proper testing and documentation.  I have personally worked with Patricia Vassallo & her testing team of Safe Space Ingenuity, Inc. Their team has a strong level of professionalism, they meet compliance requirements, pay attention to clientele needs, and above all, consistent on time detailed reporting. I do not worry about a job that I put in their hands. "

Stephanie Merkel

Onyx Restoration Works, LTD

"I would like to personally recommend Safe Space Ingenuity as a competent and trustworthy enterprise to do business with. Regan Scientific Instruments has partnered with Safe Space in several projects where the outcome has provided mutual benefit and timely results.  We sincerely believe Safe Space Ingenuity to be a reliable partner for any potential or future clients, and we would not hesitate to employ their services whenever needed."

Larry Gallant

Regan Scientific Instruments