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The BOT-3000E


The RSI BOT-3000E is a portable digital tribometer.  This state-of-the-art technology measures the slip resistance potential of hard walkway surfaces.  The BOT-3000E complies with ANSI/TCNA A137.1 and ANSI/NFSI B101.3, for both Static and Dynamic Coefficient of Friction measurements.  The BOT-3000E provides a printed record of test parameters and results.  The analytical data adheres to the Daubert Principle, which means it holds up in a court of law and strengthens courtroom credibility.


Safe Space Ingenuity, Inc. is the only stocking distributor of the RSI BOT-3000E.  As the East Coast Manufacturer’s

Representative we are equipped with a certified calibration station.  While the instrument is fairly simple to use, we can administer up to three hours of device operation training for those who may require an extra measure of help.  This is not a general floor safety training, but rather a demonstration of the correct usage of the device in several different circumstances. 

For General Floor Safety Training, see University of North Texas, College of Engineering, Certificate in Assessing Walkway Safety.  For more information see our ad featured in IFMA's FMJ magazine.  Here