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Third Party Auditors

Our team of qualified SSI auditors can provide in-field Coefficient of Friction (COF) testing on all hard walkway surfaces.  COF testing is the measurement of slip resistance potential on a hard walkway surface.  For new floor surfaces we provide in-field COF testing prior to occupancy.  For existing floor surfaces we provide in-field COF testing following routine maintenance or remediation procedures. 


Consulting and Monitoring

The consulting team at SSI will offer guidance in tribometer selection and usage (in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions).  Following tribometer selection, SSI consultants will provide guidelines for in-house testing.  In addition, SSI has the capability to monitor all in-house testing through our technology.


Leasing Software

SSI’s software can be customized for each client.  This software offers a visual organization of the auditing process, which includes identification of test locations on floor plans.  This technology can also generate a statistical analysis and history of test result data.  This analytical data is secure, can serve as scientific evidence, and will hold up in a court of law according to the Daubert Principle.